Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Take Five - the Answers!

Well, this must be getting easier!  We receieved 10 guesses (and 2/5ths of a guess from Jeff Risbrudt!), and 9 out of 10 of you were correct!

Here are the results:

Baby A is Luke

Baby B is Britta


Baby C is Erik


Baby D is Annika

Baby E is Noah

Congratulations to:
Berit Ottosson
Verna Rogness
Jodie Jensen
Eva Svedin
Amelia Svedin
Jennifer Strand
Joel & Holly Gregory
Shannon Suderman
Denise Risbrudt

Jeff Risbrudt, you get some credit for correctly guessing just Erik and Noah, and Auntie Jennifer, you were right on Britta, Erik and Noah - just swapping Luke and Annika.

Thanks to everyone for playing along!  Hope to keep posting more family happenings.  It's just that all the family happenings keep me from finding time to post said family happenings!! Ha!

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